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"The hope of every parent is for their child to eventually be able to take care of themself."  Our commitment at CES is to offer the best tools and value for achieving that goal.
  1. KIM (Vermont)
    Parent & Teacher ____
    "My son's experience with Mr. Robnett was very positive. He was very clear in the work he would be doing together with my son, and gave him many tools with which to reflect and find a path for himself in the future. I feel my son became more confident in his abilities and choices after they had worked together, and is applying to colleges with high expectations."
  2. SHAWN (New York)
    Graduate Student & Businesswoman ____
    "Lance did an outstanding job at helping me to navigate the MBA application process. By synthesizing key information and providing recommendations on which programs aligned best with my career interests and other criteria. I highly recommend this service to all graduate school applicants."
  3. ANDREW (Vermont)
    Former High School & Current Undergraduate Student ____
    "Lance Robnett was very professional while I was meeting with him. He did a very good job researching the schools that he listed to me and gave several reasons why he choose those schools over others. The process was good, I think the only improvement I could see is maybe increasing the number of jobs researched to get a better feel for what is out there."
  1. John (Vermont)
    Parent & Businessman ____
    Lance's support was extremely helpful in navigating the challenging task of selecting the appropriate school for an MBA. His research was both timely and extensive and he successfully synthesized multiple inputs that go into making this important decision. The end result was very positive and I recommend his services for research on a project of this nature.