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​​"The pursuit of success may serve as a personal motivator; but for the student without a career destination (as a goal), there is no clear educational direction, no awareness of the time and personal commitment required, and no appreciation for the financial cost necessary to be successful."
The Parental Dilemma
     Parents of High School Students are often confronted with one of their biggest dilemmas when discussing the topic of college attendance with their teenager.  These parents know any discussion will likely end in conflict given their different perspectives and the fact that neither party is well-versed on the subject.  However avoiding the topic is equally unsatisfying given the importance of post-secondary education and concerns about the accompanying cost. 
     Unfortunately, due to indecision and subsequent inaction, parents often discover the resulting power vacuum has been filled by their child in  the senior leadership role.  Thereafter parents regularly find themselves acceding to the wishes of their children and making excuses for supporting the effort.  All the while knowing the process is flawed and guided by little more than "hope and a prayer" that things will somehow workout later.  However the data shows that endorsing such efforts offers little prospect for educational and professional success or timely debt repayment. 
     (Note: The resulting failures have negatively impacted multitudes of 20 and 30 year olds that financially remain dependent on their parents.  In addition to 2.8 million adults age 60+ who are still paying off student loans averaging $23,500 (their children's, grandchildren's, or their own).  Considering  the financial, economic, and social implications of having so much student debt in the U.S. (now approaching $1.5T--1,500 Billions), it bears remembering that the personal cost (pain) for future repayments will always be felt most acutely by the unskilled and least educated. 

CES sucessfully Directs and Positions students to Maximize Value on their Educational Investement.  This includes having more Cost Savings and a higher Return on Investment that will result primarily from Future Career Earnings.


CES uses four (4) key elements to objectively assess Educational Investment Value: Institutional/Program Quality, Attendance Cost, Degree Completion Time, and Future Estimated Earnings. (Note: Comparative Investment Analysis is also used to evaluate and distinguish between competing career and educational options.)
For more information please contact us to request a personal consultation without cost or obligation.  We offer plain talk and an open discussion about servicing and exceeding your expectations.
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  2. Types of Service
    CES offers targeted assistance in 12+ areas: college/tech pre-admission, undergraduate & graduate education, career acquisition, etc.
  3. Level of Service
    CES offers a single level of high quality service for every student. This assures affordability, program consistency, and long-term success.
  4. Quality of Service
    CES offers objectively based advisory assistance that can save money and increase return on investment that far exceed the cost.

Previously most educational consulting firms could do little more than offer their best advice, perhaps assist with one or two personal issues, and then send a student on their uncertain way.  Not Any More! 

     Now CES, using its proprietary methodology, can take a Student from High School through College (including Graduate Study), into a suitably matched Career; with a Guarantee of successful completion and a higher Return on their Investment.  Here-to-fore counseling services often only addressed one segment of the educational and career process--College Preparation or Selection.  
     However ultimate success requires that a quality education be affordable and result in an equally satisfying professional career.  Consequently, CES has developed a series of performance based guidelines incorporating benchmarks and milestones to direct and monitor student achievement.  
     "Fortunately for students and their families the time and means for guaranteeing success has finally arrived!"
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We welcomely assist all in need--especially dedicated, high achieving low income students.
(Note: Recommended services are most effective when started by the second year of High School.) 

"Students have hope and desire.  What we provide for a successful education and occupational outcome are: perspective, direction,
personal assessments, cost & time savng strategies, academic advisement, professional mentoring, plus measured results." - Lance A. Robnétt  

(Note: We invite service providers engaged in high school/post-secondary counseling, career development, international student recruitment, and financial planning to work with us collaboratively or in a referral role to better address the future and long-term needs of students.)