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"Our services are designed with student success in mind!"
Career & Educational Success, LLC, is a career and educational consulting firm based in Shelburne, Vermont.  Our mission is to direct students (career-seekers) through a development process that will prepare them for professional success while providing the highest return on their educational and financial investment.

The results we deliver are due to a unique turnkey service that targets (4) four areas for development: College Preadmission, Undergraduate Study, Graduate Preparation, plus Career Positioning.  Complementary by nature, these service areas provide the operational framework for students to meet their personal, educational, and career goals.  Assistance with Technical and Skilled Service Training is also available.

​This service has been developed and successfully implemented by CES founder, Lance A. Robnétt.  The most prominent beneficiaries of this program have been his two youngest children.  The older one is 26 years old with a MSA Degree, and a CPA License, working as a Senior Associate in M&A for a prestigious Big 4 Accounting Firm.  The youngest is 22 years old, holds an MBA Degree (Finance), 2 FINRA Licenses, and works as an Investment Broker for a Major International Investment Management Firm.  In both cases they each completed their undergraduate and graduate degree education by the age of 21, with less time required (4 years total), more savings ($100K+), and greater projected earnings ($200K+); thereby better positioning them for personal & professional success versus a more traditional development option.  (Note: Comparable results can be readily achieved by any good student commited to being successful--without sacrificing their social life in the process.)

Mr. Robnétt has more than 20 years of professional experience in the consulting and Performance Management field.  This background, coupled with a broad understanding of career development and educational programming, serves as the basis for this innovative new methodology.

Postscript: CES helps clients to successfully connect all the right dots in a thoughtful and timely manner.  However in certain areas where service is not provided we do offer general guidance (which is usually sufficient), or referral to other qualified professionals when warranted.