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"Success is primarily due to being aware, well prepared, and fully committed!"

Career & Educational Success, LLC (CES), is an advocate for this philosophy by providing high value services in: Career and Educational Development, Risk Reduction, plus Cost and Time Saving Strategies. However the level of success one attains will usually correspond to the amount of personal commitment they have to give!

 "Only 19% of full-time students earned a bachelor's degree in 4 years,

and only *59% graduated from any college in 6 years."

     A recently conducted 2014 study, titled “Four Year Myth,” by Complete College America, a nonprofit group based in Indianapolis, IN, indicates that most students attending more than 530 public colleges and universities across the country have struggled in their academic pursuits despite spending a great deal of time and money in the process.  This is highlighted in their report that shows: 1) only 19% of full-time students earned a bachelor's degree in 4 years, and only 5% earned an associate's degree in 2 years; ​ 2) 1.7 million students enter college annually requiring remediation but only 170 thousand graduate (1.53 million do not); and 3) graduation delays cost students and their parents billions of extra dollars—$15,933 more for every extra year at a public two-year college, and $22,826 for every extra year at a public four-year college. *U.S. Dept. of Education--2009 College Graduation Rates.  (Note: Noncompletion of a degree program may result in tens of thousands of dollars of unserviceable debt and a poor credit rating that can negatively impact the personal, financial, and professional trajectory of a student's life. Alternately for those students graduating in 6 years versus 4 years the additional cost in tuition, loans, forgone income, and missed retirement savings could  approach $300,000--according to NerdWallet estimates.)

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"We can guarantee our clients a high quality
education, at a lower cost, with successful results!"

Risk Reduction
Cost and Time Savings
Career & Educational Development
Acquiring a real world perspective of: one's personal circumstances, the economic environment, and potential for loss are critical for sound aspirational decision-making.  It is also important to be aware of errors that are commonly made which may serve to undermine your short and long-term goals. 
The educational costs for earning a four year college degree can easily exceed $25 Thousand annually for: tuition, fees, food and housing, books, transportation, etc. Therefore it is important to have strategies that can save students substantial amounts of time and money without sacrificing quality or value.
Establishing a clear direction and mode of operation is fundamental to achieving ones goals with limited amounts of time and money. The strategy must be well defined and tailored to meet individual needs. Following this course of action will deliver the best educational value, the most career opportunities, and the highest return on investment.
"Our Advisory Services
provide the most comprehensive career and educational consulting  assistance nationwide.  It is the only service to address a full range of issues from High School, to Graduate School, and Vocation.  Plus no other organization can increase value as well or better position students for professional success.”